lunar new year

lunar new year

the lunar new year, or chinese new year, is the beginning of the lunar calendar and a time for new beginnings and fresh starts for everyone. to give us something to look forward to, for when worldwide events can reopen, we’ve picked the most gorgeous lunar new year celebrations that normally take place around the world.

singapore’s chingay

in a normal year, singapore hosts a kaleidoscopic street parade called chingay, which translates as ‘the art of costume and masquerade’. basically, it’s a massive street parade fitted out with dazzling floats, colourful costumes, live performances, intricate props, and pyrotechnics. ‘wow’ is the only fitting response.

shanghai’s yuyuan lantern festival

every year yuyuan gardens draws millions of visitors to shanghai for its world-class lantern display. the luminous creations come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours, depicting everything from fish (representing wealth and prosperity) to dragons (to represent good luck) – and, of course, rats. there’s even a series of lanterns scrawled with riddles and puns for those wanting to flex their brain muscles in front of friends and family.

la’s golden dragon parade

los angeles’s historic golden dragon parade, which brings  floats, marching bands, costumes and crowds to north broadway, is 121 years old – making it even older than the hollywood sign. this year’s parade is cancelled irl, but it’s being replaced by an online celebration of culture, history, and tradition streamed via facebook live.

hanoi’s hoan kiem lake fireworks

hanoi welcomes tet (the vietnamese word for lunar new year) with firework shows across the nation’s capital. they span from lac long quan flower garden to van quan lake, but the biggest and brightest of these pyrotechnic displays is always at the central hoan kiem lake. kicking off at midnight, the fifteen-minute light show is preceded by music and art performances, as the festivities prepare revellers to bid farewell to the old year and all its bad luck.


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