A Luxury Spa That’s All About The Luxury

A Luxury Spa That’s All About The Luxury

When on a recent site visit with a client we were told that the spa was ‘The Best Spa in Europe’. We laughed and commented that that was a pretty big statement to make however we came to the conclusion that it really is pretty special.

The Club & Spa at the Lanesborough only recently opened despite the hotel itself being open about 18 months and I have to say it’s beautifully decorated. It’s a spa for both men and women in the fact that it’s not overly girly.

The changing rooms (or so I established with the male client that I did the site visit with) are designed very differently for men and women and from a female perspective I’d actually be happy to spend the day in the changing rooms without visiting the rest of the spa due to the luxuriousness of them!

For a hotel gym (and I know that there is club membership too) the space is vast and equipped with every piece of technology you can think of.

They also have a separate studio for classes and that’s without touching on the treatment rooms, hydro pool and spa restaurant.

Plus there’s the added luxury of the butler service whilst you’re there.

If you’re looking for a treat, then this is the place to go.