Event Trends For The Future

Event Trends For The Future

Technology doesn’t just have to be used to make our lives easier when planning events, it can also be used to impress your guests too, look out for these technologies becoming a part of our everyday event lives soon.

Virtual Reality

Although very much already a reality, this technology is starting to become more than just a marketing gimmick at exhibitions to draw in delegates to stands. VR technology is advancing rapidly and will soon be a part of our everyday lives, both in and out of events. See how you can incorporate it into your next event – whether it’s a platform for guests who couldn’t attend in person to feel like they’re there or if it’s a way for sponsors to show off their new product.

Wearable Technology

Smartwatches are already an everyday item of wearable technology for most people these days, so why not expand it to the world of events and incorporate it with items such as badges which could work together with beacon technology to measure how many delegates are attending seminars, or flash when they come in nearby contact with someone who might be of interest to them and encourage networking.

Facial Recognition Check-In

Already something that you can arrange for your event, you could save huge amounts of time by delegates simply walking past a camera and their badge automatically being printed ready for them to go – no more having to sort out pre-printed badges and then having to manually find them once they’re checked off the list or in on an iPad.

Robot Bar Tenders

Also, something that you can already hire for your events, add a wow-factor to your arrival drink by delegates selecting the cocktail they’d like by creating it on an app and sending it to your robo-barman which will then make them their drink before their eyes. It’ll even clean the cups after too.

Augmented Technology

Having been popular with the masses following Pokémon Go becoming a global phenomenon augmented reality is the next transformative technology with major companies interested and involved with its development. Soon you could be incorporating it into your icebreaker networking sessions or it could be adding a whole new meaning to the treasure hunt team building day.