Make your time your own

Make your time your own

With most things now available immediately, it is getting even more crucial to manage your time efficiently so that you too are providing instantaneous responses.  If you take 3 days to respond to a brief, you can be sure that there’ll be someone else out there who will respond in 2 days and first in best dressed ordinarily wins.

So what can you put in place to help you manage client expectations, respond quickly and still ensure you are producing work you are proud of.

Clear Processes

The simple and maybe the boring parts are the best foundations for helping you be efficient.  Clear processes, defined templates, and logical filing will save empty time spent formatting, aligning and branding your work.

Avoid the time robbers 

The classic ‘can I just borrow you for 5 minutes’ or ‘have you got time for…’ or ‘quick one, do you…’ be careful not to just drop what you are doing.  Many times, the question can be answered independently by looking through sources or previous work.  Your colleague asking you for a quick fix to their problem will ultimately stop you in your trail of thought and encroach on your productivity.

The positive no

Value your time and learn when to say no.  A positive no takes consideration and practice.  Balance the no with alternative options and ideally a yes to something else.  Understand the repercussions of your no and ensure you have your reasons why defined.

Prioritisation and delegation

Are you the right person for this task, do you have the best experience or is there someone else in your team who can provide the wow factor swiftly.  Knowing when to delegate is a skill that takes time and doesn’t always come naturally but it’s a sure way to spread knowledge and experience and innovate others.