Mindful meeting

Mindful meeting

With mindfulness and mental health becoming more of a focus both in and out of the workplace why not see how you can bring it into your offsite meetings too. Take a look at this list of how you can help increase your delegates productivity and focus.


Guided meditation can be a great way to help the mind think more clearly. You can do this by bringing in a professional or using some of the many digital options or relaxation zones to give delegates the opportunity to enjoy some more ‘still’ time.


It’s proven that productivity is increased when you take some time out and step away from the task at hand. Why not offer your delegates some spa time, or exercise sessions within your programme and let their stresses slip away and allow for a clearer mind and more productive thinking.


Allows your guests ideas to flow by incorporating movement within your sessions. This could involve brining a yoga teacher in for a session or a guided walking tour around the local area or park.

Human Connection

We all know that a big part of your event is likely to be networking and getting to know other attendees. It’s also known that you’re more likely to enjoy your day if you feel comfortable in your surroundings and know the people you’re with. So, encourage your delegates to talk to each other and take part in team building or other networking opportunities and give them reasons to get chatting.


Last but by no means least and possibly the most important part your mindful meeting is ensuring the food and drink your attendees are consuming is also mindful. Ensure the menu is created using fresh, local and organic produce that will nourish the body and the brain as well as help avoid that post-lunch slump.