eat mindfully

this is a great way to get in tune with your body, a few examples are eating slowly and without distraction, listening to physical hunger cues and, eating only until you’re full. this promotes replacing automatic thoughts and reactions with more conscious, healthier responses.


enjoy the outdoors

check out www.discoveringbritain.org which is a great website that shows you walking trails in your local area and beyond that you may not know about, categorising them into ‘a quick stop off’, ‘a short stroll’ and ‘a longer walk’ to cover all ages, time and abilities.


get creative

maybe this could be a way to find a new hobby or simply a way to turn off the tv. there are countless activities to explore, some great at home options are; sculpd pottery kit, stitch & story knitting kits. or the glenstocken herb & plant company grow your own kitchen garden kit.



with an increasing need to reduce stress in our lives, meditation is increasing in popularity. there are multiple types of meditation so find what works for you; this could be yoga, visualization, breathing techniques or even something you simply enjoy such as gardening.