Mini Golf Revolutionised

puttshack mini golf

Mini Golf Revolutionised

A new mini golf concept, Launching this June, and brought to you by the creative geniuses behind Bounce & Flight Club. Social Entertainment Ventures bring you Puttshack! Opening this June at Westfield London, Whitecity!

puttshack mini golf bar

Mini Golf World First?


With the emergence of mini/crazy golf venues such as Swingers, who recently opened a new venue in west London, and Junkyard Golf; are Social Entertainment Ventures (as they say) bringing a “World First” or are they just jumping on the band wagon and aiming to take a slice of the pie? Their Bounce & Flight Club concepts, both which are traversing the Atlantic to make their mark on America, have been a roaring success. Here at SevenEvents we are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, before we pass judgement.


Technology Enhanced Mini Golf


So what is it, what make it stand out? Social Entertainment Ventures have put their heads together with Topgolf in an attempt to revolutionise an already growing movement: Mini golf! Whereas the most popular locations, such as Swingers & Junkyard Golf rely heavily on the design and the overall experience, such as food, and (great) cocktails, Puttshack aims to go one step further by enhancing the game play through implementing cutting edge technology. Fear not, they haven’t overlooked the drink and food, there is a great looking bar and the menu looks fantastic.


We aren’t sure if we understand it yet, however from what we can gather they are attempting to catapult min golf into the future. Put yourself to the test against nine holes, each one a rich immersive experience inspired by computer, arcade and fairground games, new and old. And with their sophisticated new ball tracking and scoring technology, Trackaball, Puttshack can unleash a whole new level of game play. Wave goodbye to scorecards and cheating – the mini-computer inside each ball successfully monitors and shares video highlights from each round!

our verdict: dont miss out!


We don’t know about you, but we are excited and looking forward to getting down there to try it out! Timeout are offering readers first dibs on access, so they can experience it before the rest of London! Click this link and grab your ticket for a tenner (games usually cost £15 each), plus you get pizza and nibbles! What is not to love?


If you are looking for something to do on the weekend with friends, or perhaps you are organising a social event for your team, this would be perfect! Looking for inspiration? Then don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our events experts, contact us now!