7 Mistakes to Avoid While Planning and Organising Hybrid Events

Planning and Organising Hybrid Events

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Planning and Organising Hybrid Events

Over the years, the team here at Seven Events have become industry experts in planning and organising hybrid and virtual events. During the 2020 global pandemic, there was a surge for these types of events as all of the in-person events were suddenly cancelled. Now that we are starting to come out the other side, a lot of our clients are looking to combine the two and offer a hybrid solution, allowing guests to choose between attending digitally or in person. We are your expert support when looking for a virtual event management company

In today’s blog, we are highlighting 7 of the most common mistakes made by event planning companies to avoid when planning a hybrid meeting. So let’s dive straight in: 

Mistake #1: Not using the right platform 

For your virtual attendees, your platform is essentially their venue. Ensuring you have an easy-to-use and event branded platform is key to the success of your event and trust us, there are hundreds of platforms to choose from. Last year we launched our very own platform, Hub7, your virtual event platform uk, which ticks all of the boxes required by a hybrid event, including: 

  • Easy to use interface 
  • Audience interactivity including Q&A, Chat, and Polls  
  • Delegate registration 
  • Multi-stream capability 
Mistake #2: Making your days last too long 

One of the lessons we have learned particularly during the pandemic is that the attention span of a virtual audience is much shorter than that of an in-person audience. With a hybrid meeting, it’s important to strike the right balance for both audiences, so we’d suggest sessions lasting around 30 – 45 minutes with regular coffee breaks and networking opportunities to space the day out. 

Mistake #3: Not planning interactivity for your audience  

The goal of a hybrid meeting is to make the audience feel like they have come together, even if they are not in the same location. One of the best ways to do this is via an event app that hosts audience Q&A and polling, where all members of the audience can take part at the same time. We work with specialist production partners who can bring the virtual audience into the room via video link, allowing remote callers to talk directly to speakers in real-time. 

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Mistake #4: Not hosing a full rehearsal 

This might sound obvious but planning a full event rehearsal ahead of the live day is incredibly important. A lot of the time, speakers are used to presenting to in-person or virtual audiences but have not combined the two. We always ensure that each virtual presenter is fully tech-checked, and all speakers are briefed in using the technology required. Our production team will work with each presenter, going through their content individually as well as building in time to rehearse transitions between speakers and audience members. 

Mistake #5: Poor broadcast quality 

The quality of your broadcast is integral to the success of your meeting. Ensuring that you are using a trusted production partner will take the stress away during the planning process and provide your virtual audience with a great experience on the day. Our teams work with your selected venue to ensure all the required tech is in place and that contingency plans are in place in case of any problems on the day. 

Mistake #6: Not planning your post-event communications 

Post event communications should not be left until after the event to be thought about. Creating a tailored comms plan at the beginning of the planning process helps to ensure each communication is thought through and strategic. When it comes to post-event, sending your surveys and content as soon as possible always yields the best responses. 

Mistake #7: Not using an experienced events agency 

Finally, this can feel like a confusing process, so don’t go through it alone – we have an expert team on hand to help you every step of the way when it comes to planning your next hybrid meeting. Get in touch with the team now by calling the office on +44 (0)207 659 4430 or visit our website and hit enquire now.

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