M&IT Agency Challenge 2015

M&IT Agency Challenge 2015

Last week I was one of the lucky people to get to join The M&IT Agency Challenge last Thursday and Friday at The Lensbury. With the schedule promising activities, meetings, delicious food and great entertainment it was obvious from the start that we were in for a good time ahead!

Arriving on Thursday afternoon for the 2pm check in, it was full steam ahead as we dropped off our bags and made our way to the first session of the day. Here we were split up into different teams, and I was sure that I had landed myself in the winning team, the Green Team! We then got our first taste of supplier presentations, with Maugie from The Lensbury getting us to tackle a rugby tackle pad to celebrate the upcoming Rugby World Cup (which is just around the corner from them), then there was Ann Marie making us fall in love with many Barcelo hotels, especially Asia Gardens! Plus our lovely friends from Denmark, Las Vegas and Costa Del Sol making my traveller within get extremely itchy feet! With our first lot of supplier presentations complete and the room in a great mood thanks to the upbeat presentations, it was time for our first challenge of the day!

The Earth Ball is a giant ball ready to bring any team together through the team work it takes to keep the giant thing in the air or when it’s on the ground simply trying to navigate it is hard enough! I’m not particularly proud to admit that several puns such as “you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders” did slip my tongue.  With slalom Earth Ball-ing, dodgeball and volleyball being some of the favourites, both the teams were left wondering whether they should have been using those gym memberships we pay for by the end of the session.  After our challenges we had our 1-2-1 appointments with our different suppliers of choice, to find a little bit more about what they have already told us in their presentations where I was able to chat with the lovely people at Barcelo Hotels and Oman tourist Board/Oman Air.

The evening meant a great champagne reception and buffet BBQ fit for a Queen with Steak, Lobster, chicken, falafel, you name it they had it! We also had the lovely trio The Wandering Hands there to give us some evening entertainment!

The next day began with a delicious networking breakfast and then we were off to our next set of supplier presentations. Today it meant that it was time to hear about the wonders of Dubai and what it has to offer, the beautiful region of Chantilly which is only a 20 minute train ride from Paris and the Basque country. With quizzes after each presentation, our lovely suppliers were nice enough to not so subtly tell us exactly what was going to be in the quiz by a “this is an important fact” warning! Our second challenge meant it was off to film our own little 2 minute promo for a supplier of our choice! With Chantilly by our side, Green Team was off to create a promo called “Dreaming of Chantilly”. The one thing I can tell you for sure, is that we will not be giving up our careers in Events to pursue acting!

The afternoon was packed with supplier presentations by the lovely Barcelona, taking us on a “spherification” letting us literally taste the different things that Barcelona has to offer! Hearing about the beautiful city of Istanbul and laughing as people put on 3D Glasses provided by Edinburgh Conference Centre, for a 2D presentation… Not to mention our other lovely suppliers taking us on a journey of their own! It was then, in the pouring rain, that the poncho clad Green Team, battled the rain to complete the Canoe Challenge on the river. Solo races then races with two canoes tied together and then four, provided a lot of entertainment, and soon our laughter made us all forget about how wet we were!

After we had managed to all warm up, it was time for our final 1-2-1 meetings. After getting to speak to another 4 suppliers, it was time to go up to our rooms and get ready. The evening ending with a champagne river boat cruise and a lovely gala dinner where we got to find out which team was the winning team of the event. And no, I don’t want to talk about it….