more virtual team building offerings

more virtual team building offerings

here at sevenevents we have been adapting and trying to find/create the best virtual team building activities on the market. we’ve released a few of them in our newsletter and previous blog post. since then we have got more to offer! find out a bit more below:

musical bingo

focussed around songs, we will test your guests on their musical knowledge with our virtual musical bingo!  each round takes on a different theme of song choices which may be based on a particular decade, genre or just a random quirky topic!

bogan bingo

immerse your guests in a fully interactive virtual comedy show and bingo experience which consists of a range of different activities and surprises to leave the group feeling invigorated and bonded. this event includes a virtual dj, virtual air guitar and some wacky prizes!

virtual murder mystery

your chance to join together with your team and become lead investigators to solve the murder. in this team building activity, participants work together to unlock and examine key evidence such as witness statements and suspect interviews, using augmented reality and image recognition technology.

virtual big picture

its time to unleash your team’s creativity! teams will be challenged to re-create a piece of artwork along the lines of your company logo or slogan. the original image will be split up and each team member will be given one piece to re-create. you will work together in a virtual meeting room where the team will need to communicate to finish the piece of artwork!

here at sevenevents we understand that times are challenging, and we can help you choose the best activity to keep your team engaged! our expert planners are on hand to help you every step of the way. give us a call on +44 (0) 207 659 4430 or drop us an email to we’d love to hear from you!