Moving towards more experiential events

Moving towards more experiential events

Consumers are spending less on products and more on experiences in areas such as high-end food and wine, luxury hotels and travel.  This is being echoed by corporate companies who are spending more on events and putting an even bigger emphasis on creating experiential events that link to a set of core values and principles that underline their business.  Wow, factor venues, incredible acts/entertainment, and food-as-art are all essential tick boxes.  Experiential events and activations have been around for a long time but traditionally have been fostered by more creative companies.  Now, we are seeing a move towards this from all different types of businesses as the importance of it is becoming more known.

We are always trying to stay ahead of the latest trends when it comes to entertainment and what is available or possible, as companies want to be at the forefront and be one step ahead.  Youthfulness and instagrammable moments are potentially the most important things to get people talking about your brand and ensure there is excitement around it.  Long gone are the days of traditional events, and even though these do of course still serve a purpose, the doors of experiential events and creative experiences are becoming more and more popular.  It is an exciting time as there are really no limits to what can be offered and produced in this creative industry.  The positive effects of originality and experiential events on a business’s ambitions and intentions are becoming more widely known and the increase of companies wanting to move towards this is rapid.

It is a really exciting time for creative thought and ideas which are open to any type of client or business and an exciting time to be working in the events industry.  The trend seems to be to create cutting-edge stories that really create impact and push the norms and in line with this, more and more offerings are being launched.  Nothing seems to be too crazy and, in some instances, the more out there and wacky – the better.  We always ensure this is done in line with the feel of the brand and make sure it is always done to high-quality with on-going advice and discussions throughout the process.  A lot of time and research is done in our team here at SevenEvents to ensure we are on top of the latest trends and offerings, tailoring these to our client’s individual business needs.


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Finding the ideas for your event can be challenging so we can work with you to provide you with the right options. If you want to find out more about how we do this, contact a member of our events team, they will be happy to tell you all about their experiences. To have a look at some of the other amazing events we have organised click on the link below.