navigating the event planning timeline

navigating the event planning timeline

corporate events are often complex and require meticulous planning to execute an excellent event. once pitching is complete, the planning timeline consists of several crucial stages from contracting to post-event wrap-up.

contracting stage:

the journey begins with the initial client consultation and contract signing. during this stage, the event agency collaborates closely with the client to confirm their objectives and budget discussed at pitching stage. the account director will also liaise with venues and suppliers on the client’s behalf. once the contract is signed, the agency outlines the scope of work, timelines, and deliverables.


you would then be handed over to your dedicated events manager who will be your point of contact until the event is finalised and will work with you to execute your dream event. this starts with a kick off meeting where you have an opportunity to develop the event concept. while you may have your venue, you would be able to brainstorm everything from a theme, entertainment, speakers or teambuilding. detailed planning involves setting goals, defining target audiences, and crafting a comprehensive event strategy.

project planning:

this stage involves the nitty-gritty details where your event manager will create a project plan detailing key actions and deadlines, create a working budget and schedule your weekly calls. this will also be the point at which the agency would confirm the finer details with your requested suppliers.

menu tasting:

with food being such a defining factor for guest enjoyment, its important to attend a food tasting at your venue of choice. you would select a number of dishes to try and select a delicious menu that caters to any dietary requirements.


the big day arrives; from setting up the venue to coordinating vendors and managing registrations, every detail is meticulously executed. your event manager would detail an event schedule and contingency plans which will all be discussed prior to the event day. the agency is on hand to take the stress out of your experience so you can enjoy the event too!

client debrief:

a post-event meeting with the client is essential to discuss the event’s success and areas for improvement. this provides valuable insights for both parties and strengthens the client-agency relationship. you may also collect feedback from the guests with a survey that will help guide your discussion.

planning an event takes time and each stage should be carefully planned. why not let seven events take the stress out of your next event? contact +44(0) 207 659 4430 or email