a new digital era for sevenevents

a new digital era for sevenevents

before the pandemic hit in march 2020 our offering was largely centred around live event experiences, so we had to quickly adapt and change our strategy to expand our services to include a comprehensive virtual event offering.

we started our virtual journey partnering with established suppliers and platform providers, such as crowdcomms, 6connex and hopin. while these platforms offered us great solutions, we soon found that there was a gap in the market for a more budget and user-friendly solution, that would also offer clients the much-needed support and advice when pivoting their events virtual.

noticing this gap in the market led us to create our own customisable virtual event platform that could be tailored for a wide range of clients, to host all sizes of events. the thought process behind our platform was to treat it like an online venue, hiring the platform to our clients by the day, creating a more cost-effective solution that, coupled with our wider virtual offerings, would still ensure our same high level of service and personal touch.

in october 2020 we went to market with hubseven our customisable online event platform for all virtual event needs, an integrated event application that creates an authentic event experience for attendees online.

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the unique selling point of our platform is the sevenevents team and the service that we provide alongside it. we support our clients every step of the way with a personalised service that takes them through the full event life cycle, offering much more than just a platform.

since its launch we have not looked back and have now produced a huge range of successful virtual events for our diverse client base cementing our place firmly in the virtual world of events.

we see hubseven as a long-term investment for us and our clients, with our new virtual services and platform helping our clients reach a larger global audience with a hybrid approach to their events post pandemic and beyond.

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