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next stop

we love london and all it has to offer however, but with purse strings still being tightened after a tough couple of years, when planning an event, it can be beneficial to look at other cities and see if taking your event out of london means you can get even more for your money.

here are a few of our favourite city options…

with great transport links, getting there has never been easier and once you arrive there are many options of where to stay, with hotel chains aplenty for larger groups and some great boutique offerings for smaller numbers. meeting space is plentiful in birmingham and there are also some fantastic venues to take your group to for gala dinners or private dining.

bristol is a hidden gem but has so much to offer from history and architecture to urban street art and culture. the two sides of bristol are also shown in the hotels and venues that are available in the city, so there really is something for everyone depending on your groups and their preferences.

a thriving metropolis in the north – if you haven’t been then you’re missing out. there are so many hotels to choose from and for larger groups using more than one hotel and venue is easily coordinated to ensure that everyone has a great experience and stay. blank canvas venues where you can put your own stamp and branding on it really ensure that you can bring your event to life, compared with cool rooftop venues with views of the city. you won’t be disappointed.

at sevenevents we are global experts in events, and finding the right destination for you is what we do. so get in touch at or call us on 0207 659 4430 and let us open up the possibilities for you.