No Excuse for a Boring Conference

No Excuse for a Boring Conference

The word conference often conjures up the thought of long days filled with wordy lectures, stale seminars and short lunches.  However in today’s world, there is no excuse for a boring conference with top end technology, social networking and new innovations.  See below for a few top picks to make your conference stand out.


Catch Box:

A microphone which can be thrown into the audience at question time. This is a fun way to boost the energy in the room and really engage with the audience.


catch box


3D Holographic Images:

Literally bring your presentation, presenter or products to life with 3D Holograms which look incredibly real to the naked eye.



Creative Art-Working:

Throughout the event highly skilled artists are placed in the room and create visual hand drawn minutes. This can be captured and shared on social networks, reaching your wider audience. In addition a video of the work can be created and used post the event. An incredibly useful tool to send to those who couldn’t make it or to encourage guests to future events.