no need for virtual fatigue

no need for virtual fatigue

here at sevenevents we understand that there have been a lot of virtual events in the past 2 years. from something that was rarely done we’ve all now attended virtual events, organised some of them and have become experts in zoom and teams to ensure our day-to-day work continues.

we know that it isn’t the same as getting together in person, and that will never be replaced, but virtual events, even 2 years on, still have their place and they’re here to stay.

from speaking to our clients coming back to work in 2022, virtual events are still in the calendar and they’re coming in quick.

here at sevenevents our role is not only to facilitate this virtual activity, but also help elevate your event from perhaps what you did last year or give it a ‘facelift’ to take you forward into the next 12 months of business.

so what can you do?

get out of your living room – we’ve all seen virtual events where the speakers have been at home, but get them out and into a studio. we have a range of options where our team can either work within purpose-built studios or we can create our own in a venue. it’s great to see speakers get back into their comfort zone presenting on a stage, whilst developing new skills of presenting to camera rather than a live audience.

go hybrid – even presenting to a small audience is nicer than no audience at all. there’s nothing to stop you getting groups together so for those who feel comfortable they will attend, and everyone else will watch from the comfort of their own surroundings. here at sevenevents we specialise in making our hybrid events a positive experience for both those there in person and virtually, bringing everyone together no matter what their location.

have fun – virtual doesn’t have to be death by powerpoint. we can help you host virtual activities, icebreakers, create virtual company photos and most importantly help you remember that getting together in any sense is something to be celebrated.

so don’t get virtual fatigue, there is no need! get in touch with us on 0207 659 4430 or email us at to find out how we can take you into 2022 virtually.