Off-Roading in Riga

Off-Roading in Riga

Off-Roading in Riga

Last week two team members from Seven Events spent four days in Riga co ordinating an incentive event for 35 people.  Everyone that was invited on this 5-star money can’t buy short break had won a place on the incentive for themselves and their plus one due to their hard work and achievements.  With that in mind, it was crucial that we arranged four jam packed days of activities, authentic lunches in beautiful locations and delicious dinners.

On day 2 of the trip, we took the group off-roading in Riga’s beautiful countryside. However, before leaving the hotel – we were sure to mention to the group to leave their heels behind and prepare to get muddy…

Before we knew it 15 enormous jeeps parked up in the Hotels Courtyard. The guests were then split into groups of threes and asked to jump into which ever vehicle they liked. From there they were driven to the outskirts of Riga and deep into the Latvian forest where the off-roading experience began.

Throughout the afternoon each guest got to learn how to handle the off-road vehicles and how to tackle all types of terrain whilst getting very stuck and muddy!

The activity was meant to last around two and a half hours however as the group were having such a great time they asked to continue as long as possible – High five to Seven Events!

With expert tuition, everyone from the novice to the experienced off-roader will love this motorised activity. The driving skill of you and your corporate colleagues will really be put to the test as you tackle the terrain.

An off-Roading experience is the perfect team building activity for a small group. It is guaranteed to get the group talking and working together as they negotiate their way around the different routes.