labelled the uks most immersive vr experience, otherworld is an open-world, virtual island.

you experience this virtual island paradise with portals to sixteen unique vr experiences, through a virtual immersion pod where you can break away from reality and travel between ‘worlds’.

when it’s time to kick off, you and your group each venture into individual a sense-hacking virtual reality pod. this space unites an advanced vr headset with dynamic heat, wind and rumble effects to ensure that fully immersive feeling.

however, fear not as you will be reunited with your teammates as avatars, where will discover exhilarating adventures in a new world!

available in london and birmingham vr centres with group sizes of up to 14 simultaneously depending on the location selected. whether for a christmas party or conference team build your group is sure to encounter something new and exciting with this activity.

once you are finished the fun doesn’t stop. as part of the adventures, you earn dreamcoin which is the virtual currency of the game, and it doesn’t go to waste…you can use it at the venue on food/drink!

at seven events we are always on the lookout for exciting new experiences for you to enjoy. so get in touch and let us show you what we can do. rest assured you’ll be in safe hands!