our planet is benefiting from this lockdown

our planet is benefiting from this lockdown

last week we celebrated earth day and maybe we have given it the best gift it could have ever asked for. here’s how you staying at home is helping us to heal our planet.

air pollution

air pollution levels have plummeted. with a lot of industrial activity slowing down due to the lock down across the world it has been reported that air pollution levels across the world are considerably lower. the bbc reported that some cities in the uk have seen a 60% decrease in nitrogen dioxide compared to this time last year. in india the skies of some of the most polluted cities turned a stunning blue and residents were able to see for miles.

air control

international air travel is one of the fastest-growing source of climate emissions worldwide. with worldwide global travel restrictions in place it has forced most commercial flights to a hault. this is allowing our earth to have a few moments to just breathe!

venice canals have cleared up

venice is famous for its canals. as italy went into lockdown there are less boats on the canals resulting in the canals being the clearest they have been in 60 years. this change has welcomed swans, fish and birds all back to the area.


animals are reclaiming the land! from the deer in japan and the goats in wales to the orcas in north america, while we all have lockdown restrictions, animals have been able to use the lack of humans around to venture out of their own territories and explore!