overcoming barriers to change

overcoming barriers to change

the industry environment in which businesses operate is continually changing, however throughout the start of 2020 the change has been monumental. one thing that has remained the same is the notion that businesses must respond to these changes to remain competitive and to continue to meet the needs of their customers.

in order to secure a more prosperous future for the business it’s essential to identify the process and follow through with the structure.

identify the key drivers for change
these can be both external, such as competitors, the market or a pandemic and internal such as employee moral or poor delivery.

identify the barriers to change
these can be the lack of understanding to change, reluctancy to change or the feeling of not seeing the benefits to change.

create and implement a plan for change
once key areas have been identified the team must be specific with solutions and work towards these goals together. focus on the new and how to bring about it.

measure the change.
have goals been met? do further changes now become apparent?

all businesses need to manage change. if they fail to do so they may be left behind by the competition. by demonstrating ongoing improvements to the business, it will mean that it remains agile to the future and any changes that comes its way.