How to Personalise Events for Better Attendee Experience

How to Personalise Events for Better Attendee Experience

Attendees are becoming more sophisticated and picky each year, which is why a solid event program and good presentation are no longer enough if you want to separate your events from those of the competition.

In fact, if you’d ask any event planner in Birmingham, he’d probably name event experiences and event personalisation as the key factors that determine how appealing your event will end up being.

But how can you add more personalised experienced to your events? Let’s go through a few helpful tips below.

Create Comprehensive Attendee Profiles

Event production in Birmingham is no longer just about identifying your target audience and positioning your event to meet their expectations.

To really make an impact, you must understand that within your audience, there are numerous segments, each of which has their own preferences, expectations, and needs that you must meet if you want to make them happy.

Consider how you could provide personalised experiences to each of those groups – factor in things like background, status, and the purpose of visiting the event, and then make sure that each group of attendees finds what they are looking for and get real, tangible value from your event.

Be Flexible

Some organisers think that since there are so many moving parts in any event, having a tight schedule and choreographic every detail in advance is the only way to minimise the risk of something going wrong.

However, as an experienced event planner in Birmingham would tell you while being in control is essential, trying to micro-manage every detail could leave your event feeling rigid and boring.

Instead, you should provide a more personalised experience for your guests and allow them to choose the activities, workshops, and presentations that they feel are the most interesting.

However, it’s important to make sure that each of the options provides a memorable experience, and allow people to combine different activities, as you don’t want attendees to feel like they’re missing out.

Use Digital Tools

If you want to provide your guests with the best possible experience, you should employ digital solutions throughout your event.

Make it possible to interact with your speakers and other prominent attendees on social media, building connections and allowing people to pick and choose what they want to share with their followers and friends.

You could even develop an app for your event where people could personalise their schedule, get useful reminders, and leave feedback, showing that you care about their experience and want them to get the most out of the event.

Networking is another vital part of many events, so make sure that you make it easy to exchange data using apps, and also encourage creating their own personalised profiles, which will no only be convenient for them, but will also provide you with a range of insights about who your attendees are.

Event production in Birmingham is a competitive field, so if you can stay on top of the technology that is available, you will have an easier time staying ahead of the competition and providing personalised experiences for your guests.