PLAN your events

PLAN your events

In our industry we’re always having to think ahead which is why our year always goes so quickly.

When everyone is thinking about what they’re going to wear for their Christmas party we’re already making suggestions about where you should hold your Summer get together!

If we don’t get organised then neither will our clients and this only leads to disappointment when your summer event has to be on a Thursday in June and all the great venues are already booked up.

So we are encouraging you to PLAN.


P – Prepare yourself to think 6 months ahead. We know this isn’t always possible but with your annual events encourage the decision makers to get organised and know that the date and venue are secured well in advance.


L – Learn about what your target audience really wants. It may seem strange asking them what they like and don’t like but you’ll reap the benefits when attendance increases for your next event by delivering what your audience are wanting.


A – Analyse why you’re holding the event. It may seem like a silly question but there should always be a reason or objective for holding the event and if you’re not sure what it is then why are you holding it? Establish an objective so you can gauge the success and return on investment.


N – Negotiate the best possible rates to stay within your budget. That is where we, as an agency, prove our worth. Our contacts with venues means that not only do we get you the best possible rates but we negotiate you added value for your event too.


So next time you look at your event schedule – PLAN – and pick up the phone to us to deliver the best event you’ve done yet!