planet imex returns!

planet imex returns!

planet imex has returned to our laptop screens this week for the second time this year, bringing a host of exciting and innovative content tailored specifically to the events industry. following the devastation caused by the global pandemic, imex were forced to cancel both of their live events in frankfurt and las vegas this year and instead have both events virtual.

from monday 12th through to friday 16th october, event professionals from across the world will have access to diverse, creative content as well as the ability to network online through the meeting platform. carina bauer, ceo of imex, welcomes guests to the platform with an exciting presentation on monday which is followed by interactive sessions from business leaders such as paul kaye, president of msia and fitness sessions hosted by jonny jarvis.

in a micebook talk earlier this year, carina stressed that planet imex is an “experiment” and that they are treading in uncharted waters, however they are feeling positive and excited to be working towards a new goal. the platform is funded by imex and offered as a gift to the industry and so there are no costs to buyers or suppliers.

we’re very much excited to get involved with this week’s content!


photo credit: @imex_group instagram