planning your corporate incentive

planning your corporate incentive

for an incentive to be successful you need to carefully consider every aspect of your program, including the destination. when choosing the right destination, step back and ensure you understand all elements of your program. doing this allows you to deliver a full incentive program life cycle that resonates with your travellers.


when you are choosing an incentive destination, you need to identify your corporate incentive program goals. you will need to consider what you want your incentive program to accomplish, this could be to increase team morale or improve employee retention. these goals will help influence your corporate incentive trip destination choices. are you rewarding top performers, a luxury destination that gives you a vip treatment might be a choice, if team building is your goal considering a location that allows for group interaction and activities.

traveller personas

understanding key personas is also important in choosing incentive destinations especially when organising an audience focussed program. elements that are important to understand are groups activity levels, expectations or interests. maybe your guests want poolside service and a variety of activities so it could be a choice of a sun and fun destination that can support a robust itinerary.

time of the year

deciding the time of year for your trip is also an important element, it can influence every aspect of your event design. considering factors such as holidays like chinese new year can affect mobility in some asian destinations. also looking at off-peak travel times can offer fewer crowds and possibly lower pricing.


ensuring the safety and security of the group is not an option it is paramount. risk management is an important goal in any travel program, but safety is especially important for incentive groups. your group of travellers is the most important asset of your organisation, so your itinerary programs need to be safe. you want to avoid causing any fear of travel as the destination sets the entire tone of your incentive program.

whilst you consider your destination options, be open to variety of these factors. the creative approach might involve viewing a familiar destination in a new light. when deciding it is important to re-evaluate the ways it can support your business objectives, traveller personas and event design.

with seven events our staff are on hand to plan your incentive, our experts are constantly working to evaluate all aspects of destinations for our clients, be they bucket-list, trending or tried-and-true.

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