polinations is being held in birmingham city centre running from 2nd – 18th september 2022 as part of unboxed: creativity in the uk. this is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of creativity taking place across england, northern ireland, scotland, wales and online from march to october 2022.

polinations is a magical super garden of fantastical proportions with towering fabricated trees surrounded by thousands of plants and flowers co-planted by birmingham residents.

polinations reflects on the uk’s complex histories surrounding migration and diversity, celebrating differences, where we come from, and explores the future, with a large importance on access to green spaces and ensuring a healthy planet.

the site will host a series of free events with a vast programme including light shows, live music, yoga, poetry, audio tours, sensory experiences and much much more.

best of all, it’s free and everyone is invited!

polinations virtual super garden is a digital botanical garden where each flower represents a person – to create your own click the link: https://www.polinations.com/create


photo credit: @poli_nations