Popular question: – Which venue do you use the most?

Popular question: – Which venue do you use the most?

This is a question that often pops up, particularly from a new client, and my answer is always the same “We don’t, it depends on what’s right for that particular event”.

It seems that this is a rarity amongst some agents which I can never understand.


The beauty of an agency is that we have great relationships with so many venues, both here in the UK and overseas. Clients like to catch us out and test us with one they think we won’t have heard of, but we have!


Of course, individually, we all have our personal favourites. Those which match our individual style and preference however an agent needs to remember it’s not our choice – it’s yours!


Our job is to pay close attention to your brief and ask questions that will give us a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve from this event and what your objectives are. By doing this we can tailor the venues we suggest to your event. Which is why my answer still stands.


Just this week we confirmed two upcoming events, one at Claridges and one at Abbey Road. Both fantastic venues, both completely different yet we have two very happy clients. And may I add, two clients who work with us on a regular basis for their events because we always find exactly what they’re looking for.


So remember if you ask that question and an agent tells you “yes, we use <insert a particular venue here> all the time” perhaps you’ll question why next time.


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