port lympne

port lympne

last week I had the opportunity to go to port lympne to experience their hotel and venue. port lympne can be reached from just 60 minutes from london st pancras and is home to a range of wonderful animals from around the world.

the hotel has capacity for approx. 350 people and has a range of different bedrooms categories, one of which can be found inside the lion’s enclosure. you can opt to stay in the hotel or in some unique rooms such as the tigers lodge, or a rhino’s lodge. there is a room for everyone, including the outdoor lovers who can stay in an outdoor pod – warm and cosy with views over the reserve.

as well as bedrooms, port lympne also has an array of meeting rooms perfect for a conference, lunch meeting or even a networking event. my favourite room was either the spencer roberts room which is head to toe in art work. the hand-painted murals cover the walls making a vibrant and atmospheric space – perfect for a company meeting or lunch. my next favourite has to be the orangery. a newly renovated project, this space brings the outdoors in. with its own private garden, bar and washrooms the space would make for a fantastic gala dinner spot or even exhibit space with food vendors on the private garden adjacent to the building. these are just a few of my favourite meeting spaces but port Lympne has ample opportunities for different group sizes and event requirements.

not only does port lympne offer unique accommodation and a range of meeting facilities – it is also a safari. this is a great activity to include on a company retreat or even a break between meeting sessions. hop in one of the safari trucks and travel through different areas of the world meeting animals as they roam around the park. you can also have sessions where you can feed, and help the keepers look after the animals. this offers great team building activities for companies as well as getting outdoors and increasing wellbeing within your team.

the activities don’t stop there, we were also introduced to gusbourne’s winery which can be found 30 minutes from port lympne. options to run a wine/champagne tasting onsite is possible, or hop on a quick transfer down the road to visit the winery and have a tasting there. as port lympne is very close to the sea it is also possible to run water sports days, a boat trip or even just a day at the seaside.

we were really impressed with our visit to port lympne and can definitely recommend this as a great option for your next company retreat or meeting. get in touch today on +44 (0) 207 659 4430 or email us at info@sevenevents.co.uk

photocredit: @portlympnepark