positive environmental impacts from lockdown

positive environmental impacts from lockdown

while we struggle through this time on lockdown, it’s always helpful to look to the beauty of nature for some positive therapy. and while the world slows down, the natural world continues to roll on and there have already been some big wins for the environment.

from cleaner air to wildlife liberation, there have been some positive effects across the globe.

pollution levels have plummeted in cities across the world, with recordings showing a dip in harmful substances. this cleaner air has even seen citizens in northern indian seeing a view of the himalayan mountain range for the first time in almost 30 years.

in venice the canals normally busy with boat traffic from tourists are reportedly now crystal-clear allowing residents to enjoy views of shoals of small fish, crabs and colourful underwater plant life.

you may have also noticed yourself the increased presence of wildlife, even in urban areas. foxes are becoming more curious and birds, butterflies and bees are in abundance. and with the absence of people on the streets there have been some amazing sightings, from goats taking over a welsh seaside town to deer in japanese cities and wild boar on barcelona’s normally bustling avenues.

so while you stay safe and keep others safe by staying at home, have a look out of the window and enjoy watching the animals revel in there new found freedom, the flowers blooming and finally relax and breathe that lovely fresh air.