The Power of The Canapé!

The Power of The Canapé!

Networking events happen all the time and, of course, the aim of the evening is to ensure that existing relationships are nurtured and new relationships are made. During this time though there are certain expectations from your guests – one of which is that they expect to be fed.


A simple task you may think and something that all venues are used to delivering, which is why your focus may not be drawn to the humble canapé in the lead up to your event – but it should be.  The canapé is a powerful thing and something that anyone in events takes for granted.


First stop – do a tasting. Yes it takes an afternoon out the office but make it your mission to know what is going to be served at your event and what they’re going to look like.


Secondly, it should be no more than a mouthful. How many times have you stood there with a glass in your hand, attempting to give your business card out to network and then be faced with the task of juggling all the above when approached by a waiter with a tray? Make it easy for your guests.


Thirdly, they should be in plentiful supply. No one wants their event to be remembered because their guests said they left hungry.


Finally, don’t alienate people with the canapé. You can’t please everyone but you can give them a choice. We attended an event recently where they had dessert canapés – nothing unusual there. What was unusual was that there was only one choice and it contained nuts. Everyone has their likes and dislikes but being high up on the list of allergies having an alternative should have been a no brainer.


So next time you’re faced with the canapé menu in the lead up to your event remember it might be small – but it’s powerful!