3 Private Party Venues to Organise Christmas Event for Employees

3 Private Party Venues to Organise Christmas Event for Employees

If there’s one thing that London’s famous for, it’s being at the very centre of culture, arts, sports, and entertainment.

That’s why it’s not surprising that venue finding agencies in London can offer a wide range of sites to their clients as well, having an option for any budget, size of the event, and various preferences.

However, the abundance of venue options can leave anyone overwhelmed, especially if you just want to organise a nice Christmas event for your employees.

So, to help you, we’ve compiled a list of a few fun and exciting venues that are a perfect choice for those that want a site for their Christmas party.

The Play Room

The Play Room, located at Bounce Old Street, is one of the most popular Christmas party venues in London, preferred not only by local event planners but even event management companies in Birmingham that are looking for a venue in the capital.

And there are several reasons why it is so popular.

For one thing, it’s quite spacious and can host around 90 people at a time, which is plenty for a Christmas party. At the same time, it maintains a cosy ambience, allowing people to mingle and immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere.

The venue also has two ping pong tables and a Wonderball table, meaning that people will always have something to do and can even hold friendly tournaments.

Finally, just as in any party, the bar plays a vital role, and this venue has a cocktail bar, as well as a mixologist, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their favourite drink.

Whole Venue at Lost Society

If you’re looking for an exceptional venue that will not only provide all the necessary amenities but will also make your employees want to share the event on social media, you can’t go wrong with the Whole Venue at Lost Society.

The gorgeous art deco walls and unique furniture provide a truly fascinating atmosphere, which is why it’s such a great spot that’s popular among event management companies in Birmingham and London alike.

And the list of amenities is quite impressive as well – you’ll find a professional kitchen, DJ equipment, lighting, cocktails, and anything else that you might need to throw an unforgettable Christmas party.


It’s hard to imagine Christmas without snow and ice, but unfortunately, the British climate doesn’t always deliver on that part.

Luckily, if you organise a Christmas party in the ICEBAR London, you can capture the mystery and marvel of the winter season in one of the most unique ways possible.

ICEBAR London is a fantastic winter venue that provides a -5°C experience in the very heart of London, creating a stunning atmosphere using ice sculptures, winter-themed design, and more, which is why it’s so popular among venue finding agencies in London.

Your guests will have an incredible time exploring the ice sculpting demonstrations, enjoying delicious drinks, and petting the adorable husky dogs that greet the guests.