private dining in birmingham

private dining in birmingham

  1. gaucho birmingham

seats: 14

this argentinian steak restaurant in the heart of birmingham is located near cathedral square, surrounded by the buzz of the city. this luxury restaurant offers the finest wines and signature cocktails along with your meal. the private dining space welcomes you with sophisticated yet modern interiors and lots of textures and tones inspired by argentina’s forests

  1. noels

seats: 28

noels is known for its creative cuisine using fresh ingredients inspired by the mediterranean and the high-end dining and an inspired cocktail menu, that can be enjoyed in an opulent and relaxed setting – in birmingham. the private dining space is large and perfect for receptions, private meetings, or intimate dinner parties in an elegant yet fun space.

  1. opheem

seats: 12

the sleek and modern design of opheem and its private dining space is second to none. their speciality is indian cuisine and describe it as  striving to push the boundaries with indian flavours, but with cooking techniques from all over the world, some traditional, and some very modern. they also offer exclusive dinners with guest chefs throughout the year, as well as exclusive wine tasting events.

  1. lost & found

seats: various

lost & found is perfectly located within walking distance of birmingham new street and is in the main hub of the city centre. they also offer multiple private dining options to accommodate dinnferent group sizes and event requirements. from their botanical garden for a private dinner for 22 to their secret room for 40 or the gallery above the main bar area which comes with a private bartender and fully stocked cocktail bar.

  1. saint pauls house

seats: 60

focusing on casual dining in beautiful but comfortable surroundings, saint pauls house has it all, from live music to onsite accommodation. the private dining space here is situated on the terrace which has a dedicated cocktail bar, beautiful natural light and retractable all-weather roof also allows you to make the most of the sunny weather or keep out the elements during the winter months.

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