Racetracks in the south

Racetracks in the south

This week we got tasked with finding racing tracks in the south of the UK and which of them host the best adrenaline rush activities! There are some brilliant and exciting racing circuits out there, but which ones are the best? Did you know the birth of motorsport was not in France, Monaco or Italy, in fact, the world’s first race track was formed in leafy Surrey, indicating our true affiliation with the sport.



Once graced by the likes of Stirling Moss, Goodwood circuit is one of the most famous circuits in British racing history. Goodwood was revived as a circuit in 1998 and is currently operated for track days and testing. A circuit over nearly 2.5 miles it is higher speed bends and straights than multiple chicanes.



Thruxton race circuit is one of the fastest in the country with legendary high-speed corners and reputation where circuit drivers can really test their skills. It lays claim to being one of the longest in the UK at 2.4 miles per lap. Thruxton track days is a circuit like many others around the UK was originally an old airfield used in during the war. The airfield opened as a race track in 1950, both the runways and perimeter roads were used for the track.


Aldershot Raceway

Aldershot Raceway is best known for its banger racing events, but in recent years has opened its doors to track day and driving experience suppliers.


Buckmore Park

Buckmore Park is the home of British karting and the career starting point for many famous racing drivers including Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.


Dunsfold Park

Situated near the little village of Cranleigh in Surrey Dunsfold Park is an airfield venue used for Driving Experience and track day events as well as appearing regularly on TV and in movies such as James Bonds Casino Royale.



Probably Britain’s most famous racing circuit, this Formula 1 track is built on a World War II airfield, nestled between the villages Silverstone and Whittlebury. Silverstone is the host of the first Grand Prix following WWII in 1948. Two years later, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II met drivers, including Sir Stirling Moss, in the first and only occasion a reigning British monarch attended a motor race in the UK.


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