reach out and say hi

reach out and say hi

everyone has very different experiences throughout lockdown and covid in general, but no matter what your situation, the need to reach out and make contact with people is hugely important.

our industry is built on the relationships we make and maintain. be that relationships with our clients, or suppliers, or our team. all are key to keeping our wonderful world of events moving.

our top tip this week is reach out and say hi. we’re in regular contact with our clients. a lot are having different experiences – work may either be very quiet, or super busy – working from home may mean juggling homeschooling or being alone and not having anyone to chat to throughout the day – but each and every conversation we have is vital.

we understand that not all our clients will be holding the events they used to during previous years, or even taking some of those events virtual, but when things do return to ‘normal’ we know that by checking in and saying ‘hi’ and just catching up we’re going to be top of the list to contact when we can get people together again.

and when they do, we will need those relationships with our lovely suppliers. it’s sad times when we have to speak to some of our fantastic partners overseas and tell them we’re not able to travel at the moment or that plans are on hold til the end of the year or maybe even 2022. but we’re loving speaking to them, because they are part of our event family, and when we do have the opportunity to travel, they will be the first people we think of and pick up the phone to, to talk new business.

so reach out! say hi! don’t ignore that call. the support we have in our industry is second to none and when we can hold those amazing in person events again, you’ll turn to the people you spoke to during these challenging times.


if you want to pick up the phone to us and discuss your upcoming events call 0207 659 4430 or drop us an email at