The Rise of the Wellness Incentive

The Rise of the Wellness Incentive

A break away from the office can do wonders for everyone’s health and gives your employees some much need R&R to recover not just physically, but mentally too.

In the 2016 Mental Health at Work Report, a staggering 62% of employees attributed their poor mental health to work or said that it was at least a big contributing factor.

With this in mind, it is clear to see why incentive travel can be used to help kickstart a more positive working environment and in particular, a wellness-focused incentive.

Very often incentive trips can receive feedback as being too full on and not having enough downtime, and as a result sometimes even leaving employees more burnt out than when they left.  A wellness-focused incentive, however, encourages employees to switch off, unwind and focus on both their mental and physical health.

Be it daily morning yoga classes, HIIT workouts or even going veggie or vegan for the entirety of the trip, your employees are guaranteed to come back to work feeling relaxed, refreshed and with a renewed vigour to continue working as part of a team they have truly connected with.