safest destinations to visit in 2021

safest destinations to visit in 2021

with the uk’s roadmap plans laid out for us, there has been a surge in international travel bookings for the summer and the end of the year. this makes us extremely excited to kickstart our incentives again and get our clients back out into the world.

however, being the responsible event managers that we are, we want to ensure we put the health and safety of our guests first, therefore we have started our research into some of the safest destinations. here is our pick of some unique locations to explore for your next incentive.


since the beginning of the pandemic madeira has been the safest destination in europe. the archipelago was able to take health measures very early on to protect its inhabitants and has remained in the green zone with one of the lowest rates of active cases in europe.

geologically dramatic, bursting with exotic colour and warmed year-round by the atlantic sun, portugal’s most enchanting island is a place that keeps all its subtropical holiday promises. pearl of the atlantic, island of eternal spring…madeira well deserves its fanciful nicknames and the affection visitors and locals alike feel for this tiny volcanic island that offers so much.


with nearly 15 times fewer severe cases of covid-19 than countries in western europe, martinique is considered one of the safest destinations in europe. a true dream destination, martinique is also one of the best destinations for gourmet or sporting holidays, exceptional hikes on the island of flowers or unusual activities such as canyoning on the massifs of the mount pelée volcano or swimming with turtles and multicoloured fish and also to discover the seabed of this unique destination in the world.

asos – kefalonia island, greece

discover asos, one of greece’s best hidden gems and one of the safest destinations in europe. with 3 times fewer deaths linked to covid-19 than some european countries, greece is a must-see destination for safe holidays in europe.

located in the north of the island of kefalonia which is considered as one of the most beautiful islands in greece, asos is a colourful old fishing village. during your stay on the island of kefalonia do not miss the “melissani cave” considered one of the natural treasures of greece, as well as navagio beach (shipwreck beach) awarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in greece.

tahiti, french polynesia

this dream destination awaits you for a safe and relaxing holiday in 2021. with 3 times fewer severe cases of covid-19 than belgium and having been less affected than france (up to 3 times fewer deaths per million inhabitants), tahiti is a perfect destination for a nature & safe holiday.

tahiti will appeal to everyone. hiking enthusiasts, scuba diving enthusiasts or lovers of relaxation and cocktails, with their feet in the water. for an unforgettable dream trip you will combine your stay in papeete with a stay in moore. real cocoon made for lovers. during your stay you will discover the rich local gastronomy, the tahitian culture and the lush nature and will not fail to dive into its crystal clear waters

If this has your feet itching to start planning your company incentive for the coming year or next, we are ready for you. get in touch with us today!