Looking for some winter sun….?

Looking for some winter sun….?

This week was time to catch up on some rest and relaxation in the form of annual leave (whoop). For as long as I can remember I have been visiting Lanzarote every winter with the aim to relax and, more importantly, top up the tan before the minus temperatures set in. Not a lot of people are very clued up on the Canaries Islands, how hot they get, what type of accommodation they have or even how short the flight is. Maybe this is the winter sunshine’s best kept secret!?

Lets start with the temperature, because lets face it, that’s the up most important thing when in the search for winter sunshine! With highs of 23 degrees, however I experienced 28 degrees this week in November (2019) and lows of 16 degrees, you are guaranteed weather good enough to whack out the bikini. The Canaries are well known for their above average wind speeds, however don’t let this scare you as its very refreshing when the temperatures are getting that tad bit too hot.

Ok now for some facts. On a holiday to Lanzarote you will be greeted by a small volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, boasting a wonderful sub-tropical climate. The 18th century saw a devastating volcanic eruption that created a lunar landscape with many mini volcano cones, craters and lava valleys. Since then the area has evolved to include many volcanic attractions including wonderful vineyards and even a 600-seat concert auditorium. Lanzarote has many stunning golden beaches to enjoy the sunny clime, but spending time on the black sand beach of Playa Quemada is a must. Black sand is only found in volcanic destinations on trips to Santorini, Greece and the Canary Islands to name a few.

In terms of location my favourite place would be Puerto del Carmen. Not only is it one of the main tourist towns of the island, it has so much to do! From the marina which has several shops, restaurants, bars, submarine excursions and catamaran trips to the volcano buggy activities and secret beach front restaurants in Playa Quemada.

Puerto del Carmen is host to a large number of dive centres and scuba diving is one of the most popular sports there with very favourable conditions. Water temperatures vary from 19°C in the winter to 23°C in the summer and visibility averages over 25 metres to 30 metres.

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