Seven at Seven

spring team building

Seven at Seven

The usual Sunday night blues of the weekend drawing to an end were absent last week and in its place was excitement and nerves of what Monday, day one at SevenEvents, might bring.  A quick google on the commute in helped me confirm the top ways to ace your first week in your new job; Listen, Ask, Don’t be Late, Dress to Impress… the list was endless.

Speeding up along Park Lane I remembered why I’d loved the location of SevenEvents.  Hyde Park across the street, for catching lunchtime rays, Oxford Street just a short stomp away for those panic shopping trips and Mayfair with its endless supply of Champagne.

Reaching number 97 there was no turning back, a quick superwoman pose and in I went to the grand Georgian townhouse to begin my week.

Time flies when you are having fun and it was day 5 before I even had a chance to sit back and reflect.  What a week it had been, a brand new motivated team, client introductions, Aperol vans, hosted dinners, teamwork, proposals, tea-making faux pas, disappearing quavers and through it all the message had been clear, create, deliver and inspire.

There is still so much more to learn but with a strong enthusiastic team to teach me, I’m ready for the challenge!  The weekend was a welcomed sight, a chance to recharge over a glass of Sav and look forward to starting week two of my new chapter.