Seven Ways Incentive Travel Motivates Your Team

Seven Ways Incentive Travel Motivates Your Team

At SevenEvents we constantly work with clients who understand the benefit of keeping their workforce motivated and inspired. Unmotivated employees result in level of work suffering, team spirit declining and eventually employees leaving. Whilst many companies rely on cash rewards or raises, we know that ultimately this won’t inspire people in the same an incentive travel experience will…

1. Experiences

Cash or monetary rewards are more likely will go towards paying off bills or general life admin, and quickly be forgotten about by the employee. An incentive however provides the team with an experience – something they will remember forever and cherish the unique opportunity to experience something they likely would not on their own. A trip is much more likely to leave a lasting impact than cash, and therefore leaves employees feeling inspired and eager to experience the same again.

2. Anticipation

Never underestimate the power of anticipation! A travel incentive allows you to build excitement for months in advance of the trip, creating a buzzy atmosphere within the team and anticipation to find out more and as a result, work even harder to win a place on an incredible trip.

3. Improved Morale

Incentives provide huge morale boost for a team after a busy and high-stress length of time. An incredible once-in-a-lifetime trip to look forward to can be seen as a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and renew the energy of your team.

4. Team Bonding

Putting a team together in a relaxed, informal environment gives employees the chance to socialise and bond in ways that would not usually do in the workplace. Shared experiences create bonds between people absolutely helps to create a close-knit team.

5. Increased Loyalty

Another added benefit of a travel incentive is to increase employee loyalty. Once someone has experienced an incentive trip, they are less likely to move to another company that doesn’t offer the same kind of perks. In addition, it’s a great way to attract new talent who want the opportunity to join your incredible team!

6. Rest

Being stretched too thin will ultimately result in staff being less effective over time. If employees feel overworked, an incentive trip will be a more than welcome retreat and chance to relax and recuperate and in turn, come back to work feeling energised, motivated and more productive to achieve the same reward again.

7. Improved Well-being

What can be better for the soul than being whisked away from a dreary winter to a sun filled haven to relax, unwind, and be rewarded for your hard work. Healthy, happy employees make for a more focused work force and in turn, a more successful business.