sevenevents tips for a successful zoom meeting

sevenevents tips for a successful zoom meeting

I think we can all safely say that we are fighting some zoom fatigue as video meetings have become part of our daily work lives so we thought that we would highlight our top tips for ensuring your zoom meetings are as successful as possible.

look your best! you are in control of making sure your camera appearance is the best it can possibly be so there are a few tips to help this. if during the day, sit so the light is on your face. another tip is to ensure that your camera is at eye line if possible.

virtual backgrounds are great tools to add a little fun to your surroundings

use the tools
utilising tools such as screenshare, the chat window and spotlight can ensure that attendees stay engaged with the content.

plug in your earphones to ensure others in your surroundings will not be able to hear your call. using headphones such as those that come with your mobile phone work great as the small microphone also helps your voice clearly be heard over any background noise.

gallery view
experiment with gallery and active speaker views. this can be personal preference but active speaker (which is zooms default video layout) will allow you to see a large video of whoever is speaking. the gallery view can be used for more social occasions when you want to see everyone in the call.

these tips are just the basics for our range of professional virtual event specialists. let us show you how to elevate your zoom meetings into memorable virtual events. we have developed our own virtual event platform “hubseven” to help ensure you have success in the online world. for more information please contact us at: or call +44(0) 207 659 4430.