Your Social Media Checklist

Your Social Media Checklist

In our fast moving, tech-enabled world, face time with colleagues, clients and prospects is even more precious. When your delegates attend an event, they want to make the most of every moment and every face to face encounter.

That’s prompting event marketers and planners to step up their social media game even further. With the right social media strategy in place, marketers and planners not only get more people to register for the event but they also see sharp spikes in social media engagement during the event. As they grow their online and offline audiences, they build their brand and enhance audience loyalty.


Here’s our guide to what we feel should be your Social Media Checklist.




  • Clarify social media strategy, mission and goals
  • Identify 3–5 best event moments where you anticipate highest levels of engagement
  • Prepare your social media dashboard: hashtag, social networks, people, companies, keywords (strike a mix of pre-scheduled posts and live posts during the event)
  • Mobile app: load content, links, profiles, etc. Schedule push notifications (best to have the mobile app live at least 30-days before your event)
  • Social media profile and page audit: make sure info on all social networks is current and event focused
  • Coaching, training and tip sheets out to all staff who will engage in social media
  • Outreach to influence channels
  • One final staff meeting to review social media playbook and plan (discuss dissatisfaction response plan – consistency is key)
  • Each week, social media activity increases building up to your opening session (helpful attendee-focused information plus link to download the mobile app)




  • Twitter feeds loaded on digital displays
  • QR Code signage (for fast mobile app downloads onsite)
  • Wi-Fi tested and optimised
  • Social Media Monitoring Dashboard (Measure conversation, amplification and applause rates throughout your event)
  • Blogger/PR Lounge ready
  • If live streamlining, conduct quality checks well before your first broadcast




  • Thank you’s
  • Team debrief
  • Review activity reports, surveys, etc.
  • Engage post-event social media strategy immediately following event


Social Media has never been so prominent in the event scene so use your agency to assist with how you can boost your profile and make your event a social media success.