Speaking at Public Events – Our Top 5 Tips to Help

Speaking at Public Events – Our Top 5 Tips to Help

Securing great speakers at your event is key but there is always that time when you, or a team member, may have to get up and take to the floor yourself so we’ve put together a few points we feel it’s important to keep in mind before you step onto the stage and reach for the microphone.


Tip 1 – Be prepared

Prepare more than you think you ought to and know your stuff.

There are always those speakers who you feel are ‘winging it’ and everything is said off the cuff. I’m willing to bet you that they have practised no end to ensure that it has that unrehearsed feel and sets the audience at ease.


Tip 2 – Relax

If you’re tense, the audience will be too and that doesn’t make for a good atmosphere. If people like you and your manner they will instantly listen more and give good body language back.


Tip 3 – Be confident, don’t be afraid

Stand up straight, speak up, project your voice, be authoritative and speak with unwavering confidence. It hides a multitude of sins.

Care what people think but don’t worry if some of them don’t like what you’re saying – you can’t be all things to all people.


Tip 4 – Be passionate

If you’re talking about something that you’re genuinely interested in and want to tell others about, then your passion for the subject comes through and this is infectious.


Tip 5 – Tell a Story

People like stories – they pull your audience in to what you’re saying and hit their emotions. It makes you a real person and if you’re able to throw a bit of humour in there for good measure then do it – but don’t feel like you have to be a stand-up comedian!


We’ve all attended events and seen both good, bad and exceptional speakers so next time don’t panic, we’ll be right behind you.