spotlight on bath

spotlight on bath

bath is a perfect place for a company retreat. it has beauty, history and lots of fun filled activities. it is only a 2 hour and 30-minute drive away. here at seven events, we want to help make your event planning and running as smooth as possible, but also enjoyable. below are some of our recommendations for a company retreat in bath.

for hotels, we recommend the royal crescent hotel and spa, which is a 5-star hotel that consists of elegance and tranquillity in the centre of bath. it features a sensational spa for a peaceful escape, the bedrooms are designed uniquely and beautifully. there is also a brand-new restaurant and bar that is newly open, with the bar connecting to the stunning hotel gardens. it is one of the only landmark buildings in the world that you can sleep in, with the prestigious history over 250 years.

some of your guests may have never visited bath before, a great and fun way to see the city is to take part in a scavenger type activity. you can do it in teams and make it competitive. make your way around bath, searching for the clues and the answers to the next checkpoint. the first team back wins! it is also perfect for getting to know your colleagues and working as a team.

for a more adventurous and thrill-seeking activity, you can take part in various water sports individually or as a group. you can take part in a mixture of water sports including: mega sup, tandem kayaks and stand up paddleboards. the mega sup is a giant paddleboard and is able to carry 10 people, they are a great battle platform for some friendly competition. the tandem kayaks are more relaxing, you can paddle at your own pace, with twice the power and twice the speed you can go pretty fast! the paddleboards can be a calm experience or competitive with lots of different challenges to do without falling in the water.

a must do when you are in this beautiful city, is to visit the roman baths. it is one of the finest historic sites in northern europe. you can explore the roman baths complex, walk on the original roman pavements and see the ruins of the temple of sulis minerva.

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