start planning

start planning

for a year where we haven’t gone anywhere or done anything it’s been such a contradiction of going really quickly and yet feeling like 2022 has consisted of about 17 months!

christmas has approached quickly and before we know it, we’ll be straight into january 2021.

so now is the time to start planning for q1.

let’s face it, in normal times you’d have already done this, but this year it’s different.

we need to remember that most of us have spent a large part of the year apart from our colleagues. we’re all looking to next year to bring us back together so why not plan something for january / february to cement the team together (even if it does still need to be virtually) and set goals for the coming months.

hold that company meeting – we can make it interesting by using our platform hubseven and taking it to the next level of professionalism

organise that team activity – there are some really fun things to do out there that your teams will love!

send them something in the post – everyone loves a delivery (particularly when you haven’t ordered it yourself) – team drinks at the beginning of feb is a great idea

get in touch with us at or give us a call on 2027 659 4430 and let us inspire you with our ideas!