How Startups Can Improve Their Incentive Travel Experience

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How Startups Can Improve Their Incentive Travel Experience

Many companies now rely on incentive travel as a way to get the most out of their workforce when there is a need for a boost in sales, or if they are aiming for a specific target. However, the proposed incentive must be interesting enough to engage the employees to motivate to hit a target and the actual experience has to live up to expectation.  You need the attendees to come back for their incentive full of exciting news as this great way to launch any future incentives and can boost company morale.

The first step of incentive travel management is to make sure that the experience you are offering appeals to the majority, otherwise they will not get the drive to hit the desired goal.  You will need to consider things such as length of stay, type of accommodation, flight duration, safety, what activities will appeal and of course which destination. In addition, depending on your demographic, you may also need to take into account how much travel your potential guests do in their own time or perhaps on business. If they travel somewhere regularly, then this should be discounted, this needs to be an aspirational experience that will keep the team enthused even on the worst days.

Creating the perfect incentive is easier said than done and to get the very best it can be advisable to reach out to an incentive travel agency.  It is their business to know about the newest travel trends and have experience in creating travel programs for a wide variety of guests and come up with activities or experiences that you never knew were possible.  If you provide a detailed criteria the incentive travel agency will then be able to present a series of options which you can shortlist from.  Once a destination is prioritized and a program has been outlined it is advisable that you go on a site visit to the destination, this can be easily organized by your agent.

On your site visit you should ask to see a variety of options for each element of your event from accommodation to restaurants.  You will need to consider which options fit best with your company’s culture and priorities, whether the actual logistics of getting from A to B work and also whether each section will meet your guest’s expectations. After this has been done, you will then able to select that options that work best and you will have the confidence that when you launch this to your colleagues it will be met with a positive response and get them cracking on that target!

You then come to the actual planning of the event, if you use the incentive travel agency you have the advantage that they have experience with that destination and have trusted contacts that will ensure that everything is planned to exacting standards.  They can also battle such problem areas such as language barriers and time difference on your behalf.  Your agent should work as an extension of yourself, keeping in regular contact with you with updates allowing you to make sure that the program is fitted to your company’s specific requirements, making for a unique experience which unlike any other.

When it comes to the event taking place, it is also worth thinking about having an incentive travel professional on site to help organize the guests and ensure that the program runs without any hitches.  They will know the destination like the back of their hand and can invaluable, especially if any problems occur, you name it (sickness, injury, lost passports, missed flights, bad weather) they have seen it all and have the solution up their sleeve to make sure that these issues are resolved quickly and with minimal amounts of stress.

On a more positive note with their local knowledge they can often put how much added value by offering guests simple things as advice on what to do in their free time or finding that perfect after party spot that finished the trip off in style!  Your agent should make sure that everyone walks away for the incentive wanting more.