stay safe. stay sane. top people to follow for workouts

stay safe. stay sane. top people to follow for workouts

this week, like every week since the corona virus arrived, social media has become inundated with workout videos, live time workouts, healthy recipes or adverts for keep fit equipment to buy. whilst we see the need to keep our bodies moving, feed our body all the nutrients and take time out for our mental health, it can all feel very overwhelming for some people! you can find yourself scrolling on social media sites like instagram for hours trying to find a workout that will work for you, so to help you here are some of our favourites!

joe wicks

joe wicks is streaming workouts for kids every day from monday to friday on his youtube channel. this is great for the kids, who get much-needed exercise, and probably great for their parents too, as it tires the kids out a bit in the morning. good for – light hearted fun.

bradley simmons

despite finding success after his footballing career, it’s his sports background that forms the bedrock of his training principles. “i like to mix cardio and strength exercises. i’m not training for how it will make me look – i’m training because i want my body to function well. so i do a lot more endurance work than people might expect,” he says. good for getting a serious sweat on.

alexandra cane

alexandra gives her followers access to ten minute daily fitness videos which will help users get their bodies into shape, and fast. although the workouts are a mere ten minutes long, budding users shouldn’t be deceived by their length. good for –  quick high intensity work outs to get it done and out the way!