Step By Step Guide To Finding A Perfect Venue For Your Next Event

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Step By Step Guide To Finding A Perfect Venue For Your Next Event

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Finding a venue for your next event can be daunting. Where do you go, what sort of space do you need, and is it within budget – the list can be endless. At seven events, we provide a venue-finding service to remove the stress of finding a venue for an event. We have narrowed down the top things to consider when selecting a venue, so you don’t have to.


#1 location

Coming in at number 1 is location. When looking to find a venue for an event, location is a significant point to consider. Where are guests coming from? Do you need to pick somewhere close to a tube, or have somewhere with parking? Location can also influence the scene of your event. For example, if you want a quintessentially British team day with meetings and some outdoor activities, we wouldn’t recommend selecting a central London location with no outdoor space – it wouldn’t work for the type of event you are planning. So brush up on your knowledge of the location before selecting your next venue for an event.


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#2 space

When finding a venue for an event, you must consider the space required for the occasion. If you are searching for somewhere with a lecture theatre and exhibition space, then you need to ensure you have enough room for all exhibitors in the venue you are picking. Likewise, suppose you are organising a party for 150 people but would like a stage, lighting and other production elements included. In that case, this needs to be considered when looking for a venue for an event. You might need to go for a platform that can hold 200 people to ensure all production and the number of guests can be accommodated.


#3 Flexibility

Before signing the dotted line, it is good to see what/if the venue will offer flexibility on the booking. This could be a cancellation policy or also options for numbers to change. In a post-pandemic world, this is an important factor to consider when finding a venue for an event. We can offer a venue-finding service at seven events and negotiate with venues to get the most flexibility on your next event.

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#4 food & beverage

At number 4, we have food and beverage. This is crucial to consider when searching for a venue for an event. Arguably it is one of the most important factors as it is the element guests remember most. Ensure when you need to find a venue for an event that you go on a food tasting before the event, so you are sure the food and beverage match your standard and the gathering standard.


#5 Sustainability

Perhaps sustainability is something that is now on everyone’s minds that didn’t use to be on the checklist. There can be so much waste in events, and it is important to see what your venue is doing to help the global issue. Some things to check include the triple bottom line, which stands for social, environmental and economic. It comes down to people, planet and profit and provides an easy framework to measure how successful a venue is when it comes to sustainability. as a venue finding service, we try and ensure we ask these questions, so the venues you use for your events are doing their bit for the environment.   

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#6 hybrid?

In a post-covid world, the ‘hybrid’ element to events is also on everyone’s minds. Suppose this is something you want to add to your event. This needs to be included in the list of things to check when finding a venue for an event. Things to look for in a venue that can accommodate hybrid might be if the venue has the right technology to create a basic broadcast for the event. Or can the venue host the infrastructure required to build a space that can broadcast the event? Some other things to consider are fast internet connections, sound, lighting effects, as well as broadcast sequencing. a lot of additional things to consider. Still, all are required to deliver a high-end hybrid meeting in a venue.


Whatever your event brief, at seven events, we pride ourselves in our venue-finding services. If you’re planning an event and need assistance with venue sourcing, logistical planning, creative input or production, get in touch with the team today. You can call the office at +44 (0)207 659 4430 or enquire now by completing this form: