Standing on the top of Salzburg

Standing on the top of Salzburg

This week we return from a stunning incentive trip to Salzburg, Austria where our group attended the GP Ice Race (see our blog on the race for more info!). One of the true highlights of the trip was visiting the panorama platform at the top of Hohe Tauern National Park – 3029m above sea level!

From the town of Kaprun, we boarded a total of four cable cars up the mountain – including the recently opened K-ONNECTION which boasts large cabins with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and glacier. The journey to the top takes around one hour where we were met by a park ranger who guided us through the mountain between the two viewing platforms, providing more information about the mountain itself and the environmental changes which are currently impacting the landscape.

The Gipfel Restaurant, located one floor above the viewing platform, offers delicious food and drink with large windows and views for miles. Up here you get a real feel for how quickly the weather can change – within the space of an hour, it went from great visibility to almost completely foggy!

The journey back down involved four more cable cars but on a slightly different route with the option of taking an open-air ski lift which really added to this uniqueness of this trip. Back at the K-ONNECTION mountain terminal, we stopped to enjoy a beer at the après ski hut and admire the surroundings a little more before heading back to the race.

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