five tips on successful virtual event interaction and engagement

five tips on successful virtual event interaction and engagement

engagement from attendees at events can be a difficult task at the best of times but with the rise of events being taken online, event companies and corporate event production companies are now finding themselves competing with a whole new level of distraction. social media, email inboxes, children in the house or online shopping are all distractions just within reach or a click away which means the way we create engagement at virtual events needs to be deeply considered.

for corporate event management companies, the world of virtual has become an essential part of event landscape. virtual events provide a plethora of new opportunity for event interaction and engagement so in this article we discuss five tips on how to successfully ensure that your virtual event has effective interaction and engagement.


ensure your technology is up to the task

here at sevenevents we have spent the past year researching the leading virtual event technology software to provide our clients with expert knowledge to ensure that they are set up for success. this has led us to developing our own virtual event platform “hubseven”. this tool has everything you need for successful virtual event engagement such as live group and 1-21 chat, q&a, live polling and video meetings. selecting the correct software for the format of your event is critical to the success of your virtual event and we are here to set you up for success.


turn the camera on

this may seem like a given but turn the camera on! the human element of your event is preserved dramatically when attendees can see who is speaking as opposed to just a voice over. listeners use facial queues and posture just like we do in face to face interaction to stay engaged so do not be afraid to turn the video on.


content will always be king

central to every event regardless if it is being hosted online or face to face is the content. if delegates are not engaged and interested in what is being presented than engagement and interaction levels will undoubtably be lower. ensuring that enough time is spent in the planning of content being presented in a virtual format is key.  slideshows full of text are simply going to be lost in the virtual world.


interactive features are a must

delegates are looking for more than just watching a screen for a session. this is where planning interactive features such as live polling, a live chat, and live q&a within your sessions can really increase the level of interaction and engagement you receive from guests. these features help bring a more organic live event feeling to the virtual world and help break down the barriers between the audience and the hosts.


your speakers must be up to the task

now more than ever it is important to source engaging and inviting speakers for your events. it’s much easier for attendees to lose interest in the content when it’s being presented online so having speakers who are excited and knowledgeable will ensure that attendees remain engaged for longer.