sustainable activities

sustainable activities

over the last year, one of the key focuses from our client’s event briefs is sustainability and corporate social responsibility. we are always asked how we can incorporate these into our activities. below are a few of our favourite activities that really help promote sustainability or allow you and your team to give back.

sustainability challenge

this is a thought-provoking quiz designed around sustainability. guests will be split into teams and will go head-to-head in different rounds. this event is hosted by a professional compere. below are a few of the rounds you can expect to take part in;

eco warrior challenge –making robots from recyclables while learning sustainability.  each team is to be prepped prior to bring in recycling (points given for most brought in).

carbon footprint –a challenge to see which team has the lowest realistic carbon footprint. the second challenge is to come up with ideas to reduce it by at least 25%.

energy–presented with a generation game conveyor belt of electrical items, teams have to match each one to its average power consumption.  do you know how much electricity your tv used per year when left on standby every night?

putt a hole

this activity allows you to combine giving to charity and team building. teams are tasked with building a mini golf course, the twist is that the golf course is constructed from non perishable food. this food is then donated at the end of the activity to a local food bank and with thirteen million people living below the poverty line in the uk, this activity really can make a difference to those people. the activity is split into different sections and this makes sure that everyone is able to get involved;

  • design and planning
  • perfect putt competition
  • construction
  • competition
  • donation

cook for the homeless

working in teams your guests will make a selection of asian dishes. with this event, your group will cook double the amount of food. the additional food will go to food banks across the city. after a lively introduction and demonstration from our head chef, teams are guided through a series of techniques and recipes to really cook up something special. it’s now time to get creative in the kitchen. once all cooking is complete all the dishes are presented ready for judging and of course tasting!


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