sustainable events, an increasingly green trend

sustainable events, an increasingly green trend

as an event organizing company, nothing is more appropriate than being managed based on sustainability criteria in their development.

applying sustainable criteria implies polluting less and being more efficient at the level of consumption, seeking in the activity that we develop, to generate the minimum possible environmental impact, and this implies social responsibility.

eco events

in the organization of sustainable events, or eco events, it will be possible to develop an activity whose environmental impact will be less. in addition to this, and given the condition of the event organizers, of great communicators, a great contribution will be achieved in the dissemination of such an important change in which each one must begin to be an active participant.

although today this modality in events is still an alternative, it will soon be a necessary condition for organizing them. In other words, some do it today out of conviction, but most likely all will do it tomorrow out of obligation.

not because it is an eco-event, or a sustainable event, does it imply that its development at all ceases to maintain its refined and creative character.

it is applicable to all types of activity, whether they are family celebrations in general, or business events, including conferences, cultural or sporting events, fairs, festivals, etc. It’s just a matter of starting to look at it from a more conservationist perspective.

“any action that contributes to the green cause is very good no matter how small”

the accumulation of contributions in each event is added to the general volume of the thousands that occur in the world and that impact our environment.

in the succession of the same, you learn and improve from the experience, so we recommend making the change gradually, and thus move forward at a safe pace.

one way to start is by developing associated events, offering activities in parallel. There are entities, such as NGOs, that may be interested in making a presentation within the event to be organized. This gives more strength to the social purpose, and is used to disseminate, inform and raise awareness.

 first changes that ensure radical sustainable achievements

as event organizers, we must involve and make our suppliers, collaborators and associates internally aware of these criteria, as well as the participants of each event. this will ensure a broad and unconditional collaboration and active participation of the parties.

it is very important to talk about it, because promotion is necessary to cause change. this is why it is relevant to talk about having greener or eco-sustainable events to the participants of the events in general.

as for our suppliers and support services, it is important to see what measures they take to reduce the environmental impact generated by their management.

we must privilege, as far as possible, the hiring of companies that seek sustainable criteria and are managed under socially responsible standards. this, without a doubt, will give greater coherence and strength to our own management.

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